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Rehabilitation, or rehab, is a treatment method for substance abuse. First, addicts get to understand their addiction. After, they learn to recognize social triggers that lead them to use drugs. Finally, keeping away from drug-related triggers, addicts learn to take back control of their life. Rehab Centers Portland, Oregon offers a wholesome and nurturing environment for addicts that want to recover from drug or alcohol dependency. Professionals develop individualized rehabilitation plans to fit the physical, mental, and social needs of each and every client.

Services Offered at Rehabilitation Care Center

Many individuals living with dependency issues are afraid that their families as well as the ‘outside world’ might discover their drug-related problems. This mentality is in large part due to the social stigma of being classified as ‘an addict.’ Typically a lack of communication creates lots of hostility and ill will between loved ones, friends, and the addict. In these circumstances, an intervention is one of the best ways to motivate an addict into rehab. Therapists at Addiction Rehab Center Portland strongly urge the use of a counselor, or a professional interventionist, to conduct the intervention. Interventions benefit everyone involved, and the advantages include:

  • Creating a safe atmosphere
  • Helping people communicate their fears and frustrations
  • Convincing the addict to enter rehab

Along with interventions, detox is a prerequisite process for rehabilitation. This is the first physical step towards recovery. It is important to note that detox will not ‘cure’ an addict of their drug addiction problems. Detox does not replace rehab.  Detox, or detoxification, helps the addict safely and quickly flush out the substance(s) they’re addicted to. Occasionally, this step is assisted by introducing other medication. There are two types of detox:

  • Social detoxification is the process that takes place in a residential or outpatient facility. This usually involves educating and preparing an addict for their treatment.
  • Medically supervised detoxification (also known as medically supervised withdrawal) is a process that often happens in a hospital wing or medical facility. Drug withdrawal is chemically induced and the addict is observed by a nurse or doctor.

Oregon Rehab Center offers options for both detoxes depending on the requirements of the client. Rehabilitation Addiction provides rehab for people in all phases of the addiction, whether they have just exhibited the first signs of addiction, or are chronic abusers of drugs and/or alcohol. The rehab programs include, but are not limited to, treatment for:

  • alcohol
  • opiates (heroin, codeine)
  • prescribed drugs (pharmaceuticals, hydrocodone, oxycodone)
  • designer drugs (bath salts, many stimulants)
  • crystal meth
  • cocaine
  • Psychedelics
  • Cannabis

Recovery Program Intervention provides impactful and efficient rehabilitation by evaluating the root-cause of the addiction, analyzing other contributing psychological components (like co-occurring disorders), and creating the optimal path towards recovery for each individual client.

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Clients of Recovery Centers Services’ residential rehab programs can expect top-notch care that combines the best parts of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, including:

  • 24/7 supervision and access to the medical team
  • luxurious, warm and welcoming accommodations
  • controlled environments stimulating real world conditions and problems

No two client’s rehabilitation plans are alike, because rehabilitation plans must be custom-made to suite each person’s particular set of requirements. However, clients should expect to participate in the following types of rehab:

  • group or one-on-one counseling
  • behavioral modeling techniques
  • daily recovery support classes
  • recreational activities
  • personal training at the gym

For additional information concerning substance dependency, interventions, detox, or rehab centers, please contact (503) 676-5351. Get in touch with the recovery experts at Rehabilitation Care Center!