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Life in Recovery: What Recovering Addicts Need to Know

Posted: August 21, 2015 by in Rehabilitation Care Center

Rehabilitation Care Center

Understanding more about drug addiction recovery can help you succeed in long term sobriety. Maybe you’re on the journey today with your loved one and barely understand the adversities a substance abuse patient faces during their stay in addiction center rehabilitation. Well, Rehabilitation Care Center shares some difficulties that addicts confront in their recovery. This list will help you understand the life of patients in addiction recovery:

They Sometimes Crave Drugs

Well, who doesn’t want to be sober? These individuals have decided to get into the rehab simply because they want to get sober, but they can’t control when their cravings strike. Sometimes it is may be as simple a song on the radio, the food they ate, or a stressful day: there are a plethora of stimuli that could trigger a craving during and even after entering the addiction center rehabilitation.

They Need to Cut Ties With Their Old Life

Old, deadbeat friends and hangouts are all part of the life of a person who abused drugs or alcohol in the past. In order to sustain sobriety, one of the most important things to do is to stop living out their destructive past. They need to start fresh and associate with trusted people who accept them with their new lifestyle choices.

They Need to Track Their Sobriety Time

Whether they are clean for 1 hour, 30 days, or years, keeping track of their sobriety time can motivate people in recovery to keep going. If you know someone who is battling against drug or alcohol addiction, encourage them to count every second of their sobriety. Remind them that they have earned that time with blood, sweat, and tears.

Relapse Is Possible

Even after recovery, relapse is possible. Drugs affect a person’s brain chemistry, and that makes staying clean really challenging. Individuals who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol need a long time to adapt both physically and psychologically to life without the substance. This is not saying that every recovering addict will relapse, but realize that the risk is there. You should always respect the struggles that they are going to face and the huddles that they must surpass.

They Need Support

Recovering addict will surely welcome the support. Even if you don’t fully understand addiction, I encourage you to support your loved one or friends. You can become their workout partner, offer them rides to their meetings, or simply just listen to them when they need someone to talk to.

They Need Holistic Treatment

One of the most successful addiction center rehabilitation provides holistic and well-rounded treatment. Success hinges on using variety of treatment tools that address physical cravings, emotional struggles, and spiritual needs. Parts of the addiction treatment programs many recovering addicts embrace are weekly psychotherapy, physical activities, and support meetings.

They Are Not Waiting For Cure

Someday, scientist might discover a cure for addiction. Until then, patients in recovery keep working diligently on their treatment programs. They know that they’ll get through today sober only with hard work, holistic treatment, and generous support.

They’re Not Hopeless

When a person becomes an addict, they tend to drop out of school, leave a trail of broken relationships behind them, or might even serve some jail time. Despite these circumstances, these troubled individuals are not hopeless. Rehabilitation Care Center believes that these people can successfully recover to live healthy and wholesome lives.

They Also Have Dreams for the Future

Rehabilitation Care Center encourages you to look beyond the struggles and difficulties of the recovering addicts. They have career, relationship, and personal dreams that they’d like to accomplish also.  In the future, they can still make those dreams come true.

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