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Obvious Signs of Addiction Addicts often Overlook

Posted: January 13, 2015 by in Rehabilitation Care Center

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Poor Control

This simply means that no matter how prepared you think you are to manage the negative consequences of addiction, you still lack the capability to control yourself. It doesn’t matter what kind of promises you’ve made to yourself about how this will be “the very last time” you’ll take a drug, in the end you will binge out of control. It’s not really surprising, considering that having poor control over ones actions is a common adverse effect of abusing drugs. Scientifically speaking, any harmful substance is capable of altering your brain’s structure, thus changing the way you think reasonably and rationally. The major problem posed by this condition is that it leads you to prolong your drug abuse, making it even harder to recover.

Refusal to admit

Addicts often lose themselves in a habit of denial, which allows them to drift further into the world of addiction. Their refusal to believe that they are already addicted to drugs or alcohol presents a major obstacle to recovery in the present, and it only grows larger in the future. One reason why addicts frequently take refuge in denial is that they know within themselves that doing drugs is wrong and unhealthy. They lie about their drug use in order to keep themselves free from criticism. Little do they know (or care) that the most adverse effect of denial is that it prevents them from seeking help for the problem of addiction.


Obsession is the state of mind in which an addict is always thinking and planning ahead for their next “session.” Obsessive thoughts dominate normal perceptions of reality, almost like going insane. This leads to the decrease of rational thoughts relating to the negative consequences of substance use.  Obsession is often overlooked simply because the mind is already dominated by an excessive craving for drugs.

Overall Negative Consequences

The above mentioned signs are often over-looked indicators of drug addiction. They all create a negative impact on an addicted person’s life, in areas such as:

  • Physical and Psychological Health
  • Personal Job
  • Finances
  • Behavior and Rational Thinking
  • All types of relationship (Family, Friends, Relatives)

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