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Drug Addiction Intervention realizes that sometimes, the only way to get an addict into rehab (rehabilitation treatment programs) is to host an intervention. You might be worried about a loved one in your life, someone who has significantly changed as a result of drug and/or alcohol abuse. An intervention may be the right place to start that will eventually get them to quit drug abuse. As a caring family member, watching on the sidelines as the addict struggles, it is a truly miserable feeling. You might be asking, “How can I help my family member get healthy once again?” and “What is my responsibility in getting my loved one some help?” Though you deeply care for your family member or friend, there is a time when you will be tired of saying no and tired of being used by the addict. Also, confront the individuals who feed off of the addict with codependent behavior. You can’t be afraid of confronting these serious problems: fear should not stop you from taking action. Contact Oregon Intervention Services at 503 964-6644 for information about interventions and how to initiate one.

What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is an extremely well-organized event that pushes an addict to seek treatment for his or her drug problems. Family members, loved ones, clergy members, coaches, or other individuals concerned about the addict must all combine forces to confront the addict. While focusing on the negative effects of drug and/or alcohol addiction, and encouraging the person to seek treatment for his or her substance addiction, be strong and address all the issues. Ultimately, the objectives of an intervention are to offer the addict help and a chance at save his or her life. Even though these goals are further complicated by the fact that most addicts don’t realize that they have a drug problem, interventions can pull a person out of denial. If they are initially unwilling to get assistance, here are some useful discussion points that should be addressed during an intervention:

  • the addict’s bad behavior, the way it has drastically affected the addict and their family members
  • the therapy plan along with the treatment goals and guidelines that the addict should follow
  • what each person will do if the addict does not enter a therapy program of some kind

There are four different kinds of interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • A simple intervention is literally ‘simply’ asking the individual to quit their self-destructive behavior. Before resorting to other more complex intervention methods, a simple intervention should be used.
  • A crisis intervention is used to stop addicts in dangerous and risky situations, such as reckless driving, violent encounters, and severe drug abuse.
  • Classical interventions focus on a particular person with the goal being the swift and immediate agreement to enter treatment.
  • All of the family members are the focal point of a family system intervention, and since socially dysfunctional home-life develops into cases of substance dependency and domestic abuse, it is essential that everybody concerned agrees to quit their negative behaviors.

What’s the Difference Between an Intervention and Rehab?

Intervention opens up the doors for a treatment program, but both are crucial for the recovery process. Intervention Services Portland, OR encourages the addict’s friends, family members, and others who care about the addict to stage an intervention. The purpose of an intervention is to motivate the addict towards therapy for his or her disease. Intervention is NOT the same thing as rehab; it is the first step that will make the addict quit abusing drugs or alcohol. Treatment centers, like Drug Detoxification Programs, teach the addict about their illness surrounding substance abuse and at the same time provides them with the tools and techniques that they’ll need for long term recovery.  For the absolute best chance of success, Addiction Intervention Portland recommends that an addict is pushed to enter into rehabilitation during their intervention.

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There’s nothing more frustrating or frightening than standing-by as a loved one suffers with drug addiction. Many times, extremely-organized interventions require the combined efforts of friends and family and results in the addict entering rehab to stop his or her drug abuse. Drug Center Services helps by offering professional interventionists, finding rehab facilities around the United States, or explaining about substance addiction in general. In order to get a troubled friend the support they so urgently require, call 503-964-6644 now!