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Where Benzos Did Come From?

Posted: August 16, 2015 by in Rehabilitation Care Center

Where Benzos do came from

Benzos or benzodiazepines have been used throughout history to lessen anxiety, stress and promote sleep. Despite the fact they have high medical benefits, when these are used the wrong way they can have extremely devastating effects on the person’s health and can be addicting. Most addiction treatment programs centers say that while all of our medical developments we still come back the risk of misuse and addiction of this drug. These are the two substances, if the two common benzos that have been used both for recreational and medical purposes throughout the past:


Let’s go back over 800 years. The use of alcohol begun to offer for recreational purposes, as the Bible says is that “Noah engrained a vineyard – drank of the wine and was drunken. Moreover into our history with alcohol it was used as medicinal purpose as an anxiolytic, but it was always held a great jeopardy of abuse. Some alchemists hailed alcohol as the long-sought elixir of life into the middle ages. At that time in the 18th century alcohol was made known to as cheap gin, as well as other liquor products, at this time the addictive effects of alcohol became strong.


Another type of benzodiazepines is Opium with a history of over thousands of years. Therapeutically, opium was taken to get rid of pain and anxiety. On the other hand, as time has gone on the addictive properties of Opium have become more deceptive, its general usage has become limited to avert individuals from being addicted to this kind of drug. It is because this substance takes away not only their physical anxiety or pain, but also their emotional anguish and makes them feel” good’ again.

Benzos had become the most usually prescribed of all drugs in the entire world by the late 1970’s. Well, this kind of drugs was often prescribed long-term, for patients who are suffering with depression, anxiety, insomnia without contemplation that an addictive habit may form. By late 1980’s the adverse impacts of Benzos were seemingly clear to medical experts and patients who had been taking this drug long-term. The patient would find it tough to stop the use of this drug because of possible withdrawal effects; they had developed a physical addiction to the medications.

Now benzodiazepines are of of the most widely prescribed drug in the United States, especially among elderly patients. The misuse and abuse of these drugs is fueling the rise of treatment admissions and it can be very deadly.

If you think you are suffering from prescription drug addiction, there are available addiction treatment programs centers that may help you in quitting this bad habit. They will provide you a unique addiction treatment plan and therapy to live a long lasting sobriety.


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